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General Knowledge
General Knowledge is need for all. Here you can find out your require general knowledge with everything, every subject related and any examination questions. Here I tried to discus about all over the world subject. So for your knowledge update please visit this site and stay with me to like this website or share website. If you like or share this website you can get notification on daily update on general knowledge. Because it is a daily update site where I try to update everyday with recent and past affair on the world. Everyday many affairs occurred on the world all around us and I always try to collect that information and update here for my visitor so that they pleased to visit my website.
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A person who writes dictionaries is a –

a. Lexicographer
b. Linguist
c. dictator
d. dictionary writer


When one is 'pragmatic' he is being ________.
a.wasteful     b.productive
c.practical    d.fussy


Which of the following is a correct proverb?
a. Fools rush in the where angels fear to tread.
b. Fools rush in all where angels fear to tread.
c. Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.
d. Fools rush in an where angel fears to tread.


The most densest substance on the Earth is __________.
a) Platinum
b) Copper
c) Steel
d) Osmium 



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