Famous Quote : Mother Teresa

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Famous Quote : Mother Teresa

$ The fruit of prayer is faith,
The fruit of faith is love and,
The fruit of love is service.
The fruit of service is peace.

$ I am nothing myself. I am only the pencil of God'' s hand.

$ Crucified crist and just dying people of kalighat  not differ to me with each other, both of them are equal to me; there is no existence of one without another.

$ Love to neighbour means love to God, if anybody cannot  love to neighbour he cannot love to God.

$ Nobody said us be sucessful, but be faithful.

$ We shall go there to their help if there is any poorman in the moon.

$ I will lay down on the bed covering the blanket and  poor people will lay down on the street, I feel from the core of my heart deeply & their will be understand. I feel being a man not to be sharing the suffering & hardships of man in sin.

$ I serve the street slam people as a result I am treated by them the sister of slams, I get pleasure & feel proud, love to God & if I be that.

$ My Lord, I want to do as I diseire that work, which is wanted by you from your bless and love.

$ I want to perform the desire of you yet so many sufferings and hard ships come to my fate, our society will be introduced from the dark-night. God helps me with full encourage, I will determined as desired by you.

$ I suggest Hindu to be better Hindu, Catholic, Muslim, Jaino Buddhist to be so and to be more religious in accordance with his own religion.

$ Self poverty of western country is more than that of physical poverty of developing country. These people are (Shut-ins) not wanted at all from nobody, they are self-custodian in the self-custody. Nobody looks at them; they should be set free from the miserable condition.

$ God is in the humanity where there is Human being Humanitarian service means pray to Almighty that is the main motto of each religion but the religion is much far from the real principle. Untold namely vogue religious have born in the name of religion. Aren't liable the role of such type of professional religion for subversive of the state against the present world?

$ We hear, God speak, from silent & solitude heart.

$ Pleasure is prayer, pleasure is power and pleasure is love.

$ Love with sacrifice all you have. Your heart, soul, body & mind are every thing the symbol of love.

$ One drop of help is precious, if there is one drop of water in the ocean be short yet is there any harmful of ocean?

$ To offer your kind heart to our men, not only serve, heartless service is not service, it requires the touch of your heart.

$ Poverty is fine, Freedom is lies in the poverty. Poverty is only the precious things which we can present to Almighty.

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