Keyboard Shortcuts

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Keyboard Shortcuts,
1. Ctrl+S = Save
When we want to hold Ctrl key + press S, It will save our document or any file.

2. Ctrl+A = select all.
When we want to hold Ctrl+ press A, it everything on the page will selected.

3. Windows key+D = Minimized.
when we want to hold windows key (windows logo key)+ press D, It will all open windows be minimized.

4.Ctrl + C = Select all

If we press Ctrl+C, It will copied all selected file.

5. Ctrl + V = Paste
If we press Ctrl+V it will be pasted all selected files.

6. Ctrl+ Y = redo.
If we press Ctrl + Y, it will go back to the original state which we have first.

7. Ctrl+ Z = Undo.
If we press Ctrl+Z, it will go our latest erased texts back.

8. Ctrl+ F = Find/Search
If we press Ctrl+ F, it will open a search box.

9. Ctrl+Home = move to the top of the page
If we press Ctrl+Home it will receive our cursor to the top of the page.

10. Ctrl+P = Print
If we press Ctrl+P, it will go to the print option.

11. Page UP
If we press Page Up, it will go one page up.

12. Ctrl + End = move to the bottom of the page
If we press Ctrl+ End, it will get our cursor to the bottom or end of the page.

13. Page Down
If we press Page Down, it will go one page down.

14. Alt+ Tab
If we have opened multiple windows, we can choose any open windows by pressing Alt+Tab

15. Alt+ Esc
If we press Alt+Esc, it will minimize our open page.

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